In today’s modern society, we all go through a lot of stress and what is a better stress buster than having a friend or a partner to share your feelings with! Finding a right friend or a partner can really be an arduous task though. Here is UUMPF to your rescue!

UUMPF can help you find the right match. It is a uniquely designed user interface, is user friendly and gives you complete freedom of choice to choose your perfect friend or dating partner.

‘’UUMPF” platform brings together like-minded people to have meaningful connections in life across the world. We have completely changed the way people meet. It makes being single more fun by connecting people who may have otherwise not met in real life. UUMPF is a social network that allows you to feel empowered while you make those connections whether you are looking for a date or making friends.It is a Geo-social networking and online dating application that allow users to select a partner based on their photos, bio and common interests.

Once two users have ‘matched’, they can exchange messages and fix a date. UUMPF is more than just an app, it’s a movement. We encourage the integrity, kindness, equality, confidence and respect at all stages of any relationship here be it online or offline. It is a platform where people can learn on establishing and maintaining healthier connections.