Welcome to the only one of its kind dating App in India.

Here's a comprehensive guide to the app. UUMPF has a wide range of features that allow you to set preferences and view verified profiles that match your vibe. Our app aims to connect with like-minded individuals and help them engage with virtual gifts, dates and video calls. We have a uniquely designed behavioural rating system to ban fraudulent profiles and ensure you have a seamless experience.

Getting started with UUMPF is an easy two-step process. First, download the UUMPF app on your mobile device using the Play Store or App Store and register yourself. You can either log into your previous account if you have one, or sign-up using valid credentials.

Register yourself by creating an account on our extremely user-friendly app. Start by providing basic details about yourself like Name, Email-ID, gender and marital status. Please remember to upload a profile picture from your gallery. Remember to upload a recent picture so we can verify your selfie later on. Proceed to the next tab where you can enter your phone number and location details.

Enter your DOB and provide a referral code for exciting discounts. Please go through our terms and conditions carefully before registering yourself on UUMPF. Once you’ve completed the registration process, you will receive a pop-up and in the next tab, you will be asked to enter the OTP sent on your registered email ID or phone number. Please key in the required details and set your profile up. As soon as your profile is registered, you earn your first star.

Once your OTP is verified, add more than one image at least to increase your chances of getting noticed. The more images you add, the higher the chances of getting matches.

Give a quick introduction to yourself, fill in relevant details like your native tongue, what you’re looking for, the age range and other preferences that customize your profile and make you stand out. As soon as your preferences are set by answering all the questions and you have your complete profile set up, you are eligible to receive a star.

Once completed, you have access to your profile where you can see your profile picture, preferences and other details including the stars received and what each means as well. You have access to the People Tab where you can either swipe right if interested or left if not. You can send them a proposal message as well if you have something you want to say. Proposal messages give you higher chances of being noticed. Initially, you have 6 proposal messages you can send and you can upgrade them by subscribing to any of our plans.

For a good star score, ensure you verify your profile using our selfie upload feature that uses AI to compare your profile picture and uploaded images with the selfie and instantly verifies you. Valid selfies help you receive an extra star and need to be updated annually.

Features of UUMPF:

Love is just a swipe away. Swipe right or left in the People Tab which is uniquely designed to filter profiles according to your preferences. A left swipe means you're uninterested and right swipes indicate that you like them. You can also tap on the profile to know more and find out if they share similar interests. People can send a message with a 'like' as well using the "Send proposal message" feature. It's located at the bottom centre and you can send them a message or a virtual gift. The notification tab with the bell icon is where you view your feed and other UUMPF notifications show up here as well. So now that you're all caught up to speed, let’s get swiping. Let’s create some UUMPF.

It's good to know who likes you but who you liked too. The unique Likes tab in UUMPF makes it easier to keep a tab on both. So go ahead and see if you’re smooth as butter on the fly.

Another unique feature in UUMPF Forever is the Date Feature. They say the best way to explore a place is through its culture. One way to experience the culture is through the people who live there. UUMPF has made it possible for us to form connections and create bonds with the people we choose. The Date feature allows you to set up date invites by location, choose the duration of your stay, and once all your preferences are set, your date invite will be sent out to everyone at the destination.  You can check out the ones who are interested, in the “Date proposals” option and choose who you’d like to spend your vacation with. You can also find other dates happening around you and track live dates as well. All this and more in the Date Tab.

The chat feature in UUMPF comes with a few surprises as well. Under the chat menu, you can see your match queue as well as all the conversations with your matches. In the “Proposal Message” menu, you can see the messages you sent as well as the proposals others have sent too. More options, more bonds. More UUMPF.

Safety tips: The do’s and do not’s for a safe and healthy dating experience.

Behaviour Rating System: After research and in-depth market analysis, we are proud to introduce the never-before-seen Behaviour Rating system to rate profiles. Each star is like a progress bar that helps complete your profile. Our unique Behaviour Rating system allows you to choose your matches better. From 1 to 5 each star is associated with functionalities that help you make the best choices.

Like profiles: The people who swiped right on you and the ones you liked are both available here.

Dislike profiles: Maybe you didn’t like them, maybe you will. The left swipes are stored here in case you change your mind.

Send gifts: From roses to chocolates to teddy bears. Find a range of digital tokens that you can use to convey your emotions. Only in UUMPF.

Boost profile: Boost your profile and be the most popular profile in your vicinity.

Set preferences: Each chemical has a unique reaction with oxygen, so it’s okay if you like something different. Just choose from the wide range of options and set your preference and get better matches instantly.

Notifications: From app updates to new profiles. Find everything going on in the UUMPF community here.


  • Who you like: The people you like but haven’t matched with yet are found here.
  • Who likes you: The people that have liked you but haven’t matched yet are found here.


  • Set a date: Set dates, preferences and explore.
  • My dates: A short list of your scheduled dates are here.
  • Date status: Check the status of the dates where you have showed interest are here.
  • Live dates:  Matched and scheduled dates are in here.
  • Find dates: Check, chose and scheduled dates are in here.


  • Chat section: All your chats are backed up and you can text all your matches here.
  • Proposal message: Proposal messages that you sent and the ones that others send you are stored here.
  • Accept proposal message: You can choose to accept proposals or decline them.
  • Decline proposal message: Didn’t like what they sent? No sweat. Just decline and there’ll be nothing left.


  • Edit profile: You can modify your profile information here.
  • More about you: Add relevant details you want to share with the community. From hobbies to pet names, you can choose to add a little or a whole lot more.
  • Profile menu in profile section: A preview of your profile and how it would look to others.
  • Wallet: This is where you’ll find all your transaction history, funds and gifts.  
  • Gift options: We have a wide range of gifts available for you. Choose one or many.
  • Gift bought: The gifts you have bought are stored here and you can retrieve any of them while chatting with your match on UUMPF.
  • Gift history: A transaction list of all your purchases.
  • Review us: Your reviews are important to us. So please take a minute to rate and tell us if you’re enjoying UUMPF.
  • Invite: You’ll find all your invites in this tab.
  • Revoke: Revoke Swiped left but changed your mind? Revoke and let’s go.
  • Languages: Select your preferred app language here.
  • Privacy: Please go through our privacy policies and the terms and conditions to ensure information security and user safety.
  • Settings: The app settings are found here. Click on settings to access the different options.